Anping Web Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd, China

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About Company

Web wire mesh is an experienced manufacturer in the design and production of wire mesh for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, filtration, construction etc. Years of research, development and continuous improvement have been invested in every wire mesh product. The manufacturer of wire products for use in mesh, hangers, holders, agriculture and vineyard binding, grids, shelving solutions, staples, clips, crafts etc. The manufacturer of mesh products for use in filtration, shielding, protection, printing, battery, scientific research and transportation industries etc The manufacturer of expanded series for use in fence, walkway, platform, grille, shelving, building, filter, dividers, separators, partitions, floor, ceilings etc. The manufacturer of filters series for use in chemicals, oil , gas, power generation, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, utilities and waste management The manufacturer of machine series for use in woven mesh , wedge wire screen, expanded metal, stainless steel wire etc.