Jiangxi Grace Polytron Technologies Inc., China

North zone of Golden industrial park ,332200

About Company

Jiangxi Grace Polytron Technologies Inc. is a high-tech manufacturer of high performance polycarboxylete superplasticizers (PCE) and related concrete admixtures. ISO9001:2008 certified. China high-speed railway system CRCC approved. Featured products: * Polycarboxylic based ether acid, LIQUID : 1) GD - PCR - 50%/ 45% /40% solid content (water reduce cum early strength) 2) GD - PCS - 45% / 40% solid content (slump retention) * Polycarboxylic based ether water reducer , POWDER, 99% min. one compound and highly efficient water reducing agent instead of mother solution which base on local condition adapt to concretes, grouting, dry-mix mortar. * SNF Polynaphthalene Sulphonate ( purity >93%, Na2SO4<5% or <18%, powder ) * Concrete Accelerator (Liquid & Powder) * Concrete Anti-freezing agent (Powder) We also provide compounds according to customers’ actual requirements of concrete and offer technical consultation&guidance. 

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