Hubei Youdun Technology Co. , Ltd, China

12th Flr, Investment Plaza, 288th Jiangjin West Rd ,434000

About Company

HUBEI YOUDUN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. was established in 2013 .It is located in the 12th Floor in Investment Square, NO.288 , Jiangjin West Road, shashi Distinct , Jingzhou City, Hubei ,China .It is with factory area of 10000 square meters. Our company mainly engaged in the research and development as well as sales of petroleum products ( excluding gasoline, diesel , kerosene ) ; antifreeze modulation and packaging ; lubricant oil, wax oil , chemical raw materials ( excluding dangerous chemicals) , petroleum equipment sales ; self-supporting as well as agency of importing and exporting various commodities and technologies (excluding goods and technology of national restrictions and prohibition ) . We also supply CNC machine and dry clean machine. Our CNC machines are widely used in precision mould industry, automobile spare parts industry, electronic communications, parts processing industried and aerospace industry. Dry cleaning machine introduces foreign talents, excellent design, strict quality control and exquisite production process, ensuring high salability and safety operation. Low noise, low smell, low energy consumption, full suspended, quakeproof design. We are a young team with big dream .Welcome to join us to build better future ! 

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