Changzhou Longer Electronics Co.,Ltd, China

Fl.4,No.431-1,Gonrenxincun,Changzhou,Jiangsu province,China ,213000

About Company

Changzhou Longer Electronics Co.,Ltd is located in a beautiful city---Changzhou,Jiangsu province. It is setup in 2000. It's a joint venture(Hongkong) company. Longer is leading company which is specialized in universal remote, learning remote solution and thermostat solution in China. Longer has owned several invention Patent and software copyright in China. Longer ever focused on remote solution development. From 2009, Longer began to offer more complex solutions, which inludes PC/Internet programmable remote,PC controlled remote,PC/Internet controlled thermostat,etc. PC/Internet programmable remote includes non-LCD remote and LCD remote. Non-LCD Programmable remote includes easy-mode type, universal type(USB PORT),universal type(IR mode). LCD remote includes small screen type(Gray) and large screen type(Color and touch screen). PC controlled remote is used for notebook PC to control local home devcies(TV,DVB,DTT,VCR,DVD,AIR-CONDITIONER).Also its solution can be used in mobile phone and Iphone. PC/Internet controlled thermostat includes non-LCD type, LCD type and transceiver. It is used to control AC-POWER film/cable heating system and water heating system.Besides, there are separate thermostat.