Nanjing Huahao Composites CO.,LTD, China

Lulang Town, Jiangning District, Nanjing 211163,China ,211163

About Company

Nanjing Huahao Composite Co., Ltd. Was established in 2006, and is Located in Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. We are a professional enterprise which manufactures mainly FRP (fiber reinforce plastic) pultruded profiles, carbon fiber composite products and epoxy fiberglass pultruded profiles. We professionally provide our clients with pultrusion profiles as below: 1) FRP pultruded products: FRP rods, FRP tubes, FRP strips, FRP channels, FRP I-beams, FRP pultruded grating and other pultrusion profile shapes. 2) Carbon fiber composite products: Carbon fiber rods, carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber strips and so on. 3) FRP epoxy products: Epoxy rods, epoxy tubes, epoxy stripes and so on. Our products are praised for their quality, performance and endurance, as well as for their quality-to-price ratio. They undergo inspection and rigorous testing throughout the fabrication process to ensure they fully meet specifications. In addition, we concentrate completely on our clients' needs and we are able to design and manufacture many kinds of pultrusion profiles according to our clients' requirements. With the efforts of many years, Huahao Composite has built a strong reputation among other neighboring factories as being a reliable and dependable trading source. 

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