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Customized requirements are accepted Size: 6 to Ø426 x 0. 5 to Ø50mm Internal technical standards implemented: GB/T 14975-2002, GB/T 14976-2002 and GB 13296-91 Foreign standards implemented: JIS G 3463, JIS 3448, JIS 3459 and DIN 2462 (partial) ASTM (ASME) standards: A213 and A213M (SA21, SA213M) A269, A269M, A312, A312M (SA312, SA312M) A450, A450M (SA450, SA450M), A511-96, A530, A530M (SA530, SA530M), A789, A789M (SA789, SA789M), A790, A790M (SA790 and SA790M) 

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