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Gomata Organics is a One Stop Destination of Vedic Solutions for Earthly Requirements. Gomata Organics is managed by Ayurvedic Doctors and Scientists committed to a Green Environment and Cow Care. All products are made maintaining utmost standards in hygiene, with no compromise in quality. Our specialized product is Panchagavya Organic Fertilizer and Pesticide, which is a miraculous product for plants. Ayurveda has benefited from ages not only Humans, but also Animals and Plants. Pashu Ayurveda and Vrikshayurvda are the two Branches of Ayurveda dealing with Animals and Plants respectively. Taking the principles from these, we have developed medicines for usage of animals and plants for a healthy society. Of the products available with us, some are already in popular use, while some are developed by our scientists after extensive research. The Products available with us can be grouped into 6 categories. 1. Organic Farming Material 2. Cow Products for General Use 3. Ayurvedic Cow Products for Healthcare 4. Other Ayurvedic Medicines 5. Ayurvedic Raw Material and Dietary Substances 6. Ayurvedic Personal Care Products 

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