Suzhou Image Laser Technology Co., Ltd., China

NO.28 Xingzhong Rd,Wuzhong District ,215128

About Company

We are a Chinese professional Company in producing hologram security products to protect your brand and commodities.We have succeeded in supplying hologram overlay for Olympic Games,Asian Games. Bellow is our main products: 1. Supply hologram related product such as: hologram security label/sticker,hologram tape,hologram package,hologram overlay/pouch hologram metal label etc. 2. Produce hologram master.Our hologram master not only have good brightness,but also have all the features like Multi channel effect,Kinetic effect and Guilloche Pattern,2D/3D,Switch effect,Laser Readable Image, Gradient effect,Micro text,Lens effect,relief effect,True color image,Full 3D,White effect etc.The size range is within 800mm X 1200mm. 3. Provide hologram related machines like hologram dot matrix machine, recombining machine, electroforming system, embossing machine,glue spreading system, Automatic die-cutting machine. And more important, we can produce these equipments and machines according to our client's requests.