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About Company

Zhengzhou Liseron Machinery Co.,Ltd mainly engaged in diesel injection nozzle, plunger to the oil valve precision coupling components production sales and import and export trade in general. The company has its own production plant has the top 5 axis CNC machining, precision 5 dimensional inspection instrument, chemical analysis of materials, apparatus, instrument performance analysis of high precision CNC grinding machine, universal tool microscope roundness instrument and active outstanding engineering team, OEM contains diesel engine nozzle series, engine valves senior mechanical workpiece, in addition to its own product sales are: S P DN type air-cooled diesel engine 178F, 186F, 186FA nozzle plunger to the oil valve and fuel injector assembly, and other products. We sincerely welcome all over the world manufacturers and traders, to the company's products and services are interested with our alliance integration, is willing to trade with the production of precision machinery friends hand in hand, create brilliant.